Day 7, Part 2: McGonian and the Dragon

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“What is the meaning of this?”
I flinch away. “No need to get up, Jenassa.”
The dunmer sits back down and stares at me coldly. Her voice drops to little more than a whisper that I must strain to hear. “I swear to Boethiah that I shall not hesitate to strike you down where you stand if you dare try anything stupid.” Continue reading Day 7, Part 2: McGonian and the Dragon


Day 7: Of Deer and Dragons

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I awake to the patter of rain against my tent. I am amazed that it is still coming down. After a light breakfast I pack up and walk due north. After my flight from the necromancer, I am even more lost than I had been before. It looks the same in every direction, so I am forced to merely aim myself in the general direction of Whiterun. It doesn’t take long before I find the road once again. Where the road leads matters little to me as it will eventually pass through a settlement, be it Whiterun or Windhelm or the Imperial City. I yearn for a proper roof over my head. It has been two days since I have felt it.

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Day 6: Life and Death

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I jolt awake.

My heart is pounding painfully hard and my dagger is immediately in hand. I crouch, listen, and wait. It seems to be mid-morning. I wait five minutes before I decide that I am alone. No reptophile vampire in sight. It appears to be midmorning. The sun should keep her at bay. I hastily break camp. When I finish, I look to the south.

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Day 5, Part 5: Rising Up…

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My torch has gone out, though the ancient nords have deigned to light our way with candles and torches that, curiously, are still lit. The next room is a more spacious affair and lit by large braziers. I jump out of my skin when the lid on a sarcophagus to my left explodes outwards and a draugr emerges. Two more charge down the wooden staircase on the opposite side of the room. There is a puddle of oil spilling into a drain on the floor between myself and the draugr on the stairs. Above the puddle are two burning lanterns suspended on thin ropes. I leave the draugr to the left to Jenassa and hurry to beat the other draugr to the lanterns.

I don’t. Continue reading Day 5, Part 5: Rising Up…

I fixed it! Also, other news!

In case you didn’t know, you can click the pictures to go through an imgur link for larger versions.

The first two posts – the prologue and Day 1 – did not have this. They do now! I fixed it! Hooray!

In other news, Billy McGonian in Skyrim is nearly a month old and has had its tenth update! Now that we’re pulling out of the trial period, I’d like to take a moment and confirm that I’m taking this stupid little blog to its eventual stupid little end. There aren’t any readers as of yet, but those who do come tend to read it through to the end, so I must be doing something right, yeah?

In other other news, for those who may have been wondering, I will be doing an out-of-character update at the end of Billy’s first in-game week to take stock of Billy’s money, possessions, level and skills. I will also go into more detail on how the game mechanics have been working and various interesting trivia. For instance, did you know Billy has nearly died twice so far? That would’ve made this blog awfully short.

Got questions or comments or hate mail? I can always be reached at or in the comments below.

And, finally, fishing for opinions: Should I plop down a bit of cash to get a unique URL for the site? The only change would be the URL of the site – it will be rather than

And…that’s all. Thank you for reading! It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Day 5, Part 4: Restless Dead

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“Nords are completely mental!”
“Yes, they are! Get behind me!”

My quiver was full to bursting after I took my pick of the dead dunmer’s less valuable possessions. Good thing, too, because the first two arrows I fire at the things bounce uselessly off the walls behind them. My hands are shaking far too much to make the shot meet its mark, but my life depends on me doing so in quite the literal sense. My third arrow embeds itself firmly in the breast of one of them right where its heart should be, but the damned thing kept its feet and continued its advance on Jenassa. Its blade must have been centuries old yet looked impressively sharp. Continue reading Day 5, Part 4: Restless Dead

Day 5, Part 3: Bleak Falls

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“How is it that you are able to kill a man without a second thought?” I ask.
“Why do you insist on speaking to me?” she answers.
She’s forcing me to take point, and the sound of my own voice is a comfort, even if it does echo off of the foul walls of the crypt. “Why not?” I say. “Whoever is down here knows of our presence due to my low tolerance threshold for pain. Did I mention I have a low tolerance threshold for pain?”
She answers from somewhere in the darkness behind me. “Keep walking, argonian.” Continue reading Day 5, Part 3: Bleak Falls

Day 5: In The Mountains…

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We leave before first light. The stars wink out one after the other in preparation for the dawn. The weather is pleasant on the day I believe will be my last. I imagine the air shall be crisp and clean as I desperately suck it down into my punctured lungs to hang onto life just a moment longer. Continue reading Day 5: In The Mountains…