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Day 5, Part 3: Bleak Falls

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“How is it that you are able to kill a man without a second thought?” I ask.
“Why do you insist on speaking to me?” she answers.
She’s forcing me to take point, and the sound of my own voice is a comfort, even if it does echo off of the foul walls of the crypt. “Why not?” I say. “Whoever is down here knows of our presence due to my low tolerance threshold for pain. Did I mention I have a low tolerance threshold for pain?”
She answers from somewhere in the darkness behind me. “Keep walking, argonian.” Continue reading Day 5, Part 3: Bleak Falls


Day 5, Part 2: Hypothermia

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“If you attempt to leave now, I will kill you.”
“I must not have heard right,” I say hoarsely.
“I believe you have.”
It feels as if I am choking. I clutch my throat and wheeze, “We had an agreement!” Continue reading Day 5, Part 2: Hypothermia

Day 5: In The Mountains…

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We leave before first light. The stars wink out one after the other in preparation for the dawn. The weather is pleasant on the day I believe will be my last. I imagine the air shall be crisp and clean as I desperately suck it down into my punctured lungs to hang onto life just a moment longer. Continue reading Day 5: In The Mountains…

Day 2, Part 2: Warmaidens

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Whiterun isn’t far, right? No. Not at all. I can practically see it from around the bend! That dragon won’t return, will he? No. Certainly not.

Okay. My nerves got the better of me. I laid more septims on the trader’s table than I had first intended. Potions, spare pieces of leather – by the end of it I had a little over one hundred septims remaining. All of my backbreaking labor for a few vials and skins. Still, I needed to stitch together a tent to keep the rain off. Of course, I won’t find enough leather for one between Riverwood and Whiterun, but I figured I’d finish it once safely behind Whiterun’s walls. I consider telling Gerdur and Hod where I’m going and thanking them for their hospitality. I reconsider when I realize they probably knew by now that I was the one who took their bow. Instead, I shoulder my pack and get going at a brisk pace, foregoing a long teary goodbye to the village that had so briefly been my home. Continue reading Day 2, Part 2: Warmaidens

Day 2: Trick Shot

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A rooster crowing woke me up at 6am sharp. The sun had risen on my first full day after the trauma of Helgen. I made a mental note to kill and eat that bird as well. With growling stomach and parched throat, I sit up in bed and stare at the wall in front of me.

Had I known where I would be spending the next night, I would have crawled back in bed and slept another four hours. Alas, I possess no powers of clairvoyance. I rise, do some stretches, then sit down at the table to eat some pheasant and wash it down with a glass of wine. I could be having breakfast in the common room, but I find solitude more pleasant company than a room full of nords. Sure, it was early, but the other patrons were likely drunk already. Then again, I couldn’t talk. I finished my wine, got dressed and headed for the bath. Continue reading Day 2: Trick Shot

Day 1: The First Day of my Life

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Ah, what I wouldn’t give for the imbeciles in the room adjacent to quiet down and allow me a moment’s rest. It’s cold here, even indoors. I miss my daily swims in the warmer waters of Cyrodiil. As I cannot sleep, I have decided to pass the time writing. At first I wished to give my account of the dragon attack to the Jarl in Helgen. The nord did not require a written statement. Some lizard in roughspun walking into his audience chamber claiming to have seen a dragon is trustworthy enough. In case you’re wondering if I have spontaneously located a sense of duty and rightness in reporting the incident to the proper authorities, I agreed to it to fool a guard. Worry not! Continue reading Day 1: The First Day of my Life

Prologue: The Worst Day of my Life

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As I was being carted to my inevitable and messy execution in the miserable and frozen province of Skyrim, I couldn’t help but think that I deserve this. That thought continued to force itself into my mind upon every twist of fate. I deserve to be executed even after they found my name wasn’t on the list. I deserve to be forced to kneel over the body of the last prisoner that they hadn’t had the decency to clear away first. I deserve this spontaneous dragon attack. Ah, after that dragon showed up, everything went a little fuzzy. I did some things I probably shouldn’t have in the ensuing chaos. Continue reading Prologue: The Worst Day of my Life