About and Credits

Updates: Mondays and Fridays.

What is this?

I’ve found the best way to describe this blog is as follows: A Let’s Play with survival mode modding played and written strictly in-character. The goal is to stay as close as possible to what happens in-game while creating an interesting and unscripted narrative driven by what I hope is the fun and depth of the Billy McGonian character. This is in somewhat loose terms a Non-adventure, meaning I won’t be doing the plot (besides what I have to do to spawn dragons) and will do what I can to avoid combat, meaning no questing or dungeon-delving.

Inspirations and Other Credits

It is inspired by and loosely based on the concept introduced by Nondrick’s Non-Adventure, a blog by Christopher Livingston of Concerned fame.  The original Oblivion blog, Livin’ in Oblivion, can be found here. The Skyrim version can be found here. I suggest you read everything Christopher Livingston has ever written. It will take some doing and some invasion of his personal space, but you’ll become a better person for it.

It is based off of Bethesda Softworks’ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the most brilliant games of the last decade. If you don’t have the PC version, you can and will purchase it and all of its DLC here.

This isn’t the first McGonian non-adventure. See the prequel from 2009 that started it all. Quickly, I’m ashamed of it and may delete it on a whim.

More Details!

This is a blog wherein I play Skyrim like a civilian and write about it. But wait, there’s more! I have a specific ruleset and guidelines to abide by. The rules can be found here. The biggest (and most interesting) rules:

  • No reloads except in the case of significant bugs. This includes death. If I die, either the blog is over or I get a SEVERE penalty.
  • No adventuring. I must make my gold some other way. Billy is a civilian.
  • I must abide by a few light survival mode mods. This means I must eat, sleep, drink, bathe and keep warm.
  • No cheating, exploits or otherwise.
  • Billy is not a fighter. Restrictions on combat perks and will avoid combat if possible.

With these restrictions, I must make it big. No cheap shortcuts, I have to work my way to thousands of septims, a home and a steady income. On the way I will be keeping it interesting by changing locations (travel is VERY dangerous) taking risks and, of course, allowing dragons.

If, for some reason, you have questions or comments, you may reach me at evanbld@gmail.com.

What are your goals? What’s the point of all of this?

I’ve developed the character of Billy McGonian and will continue to do so. Whatever he wants, I’ll have him do. He wants the Tamrielic Dream of a beautiful home, a beautiful wife and piles and piles of money. I can do all of this by chopping wood forever, but I’ll be making money the McGonian way. This may include doing dangerous and stupid things for the funds, as long as it isn’t raiding a crypt full of undead to save a princess or what have you.

And what happens when or if Billy achieves his dreams and becomes fabulously wealthy? Well, he isn’t the type to feel fulfilled by sitting in a cozy chair and relaxing for the rest of his life. We’ll have to see.


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