Comments and Ideas

Hi! I want to hear what you think.

In the comment section below, please make any comments or suggestions. “I think it would be more interesting if you used [insert mod here].” “You should make sure you go here and do this.” “You should stop doing this.” Whatever you want! Word it nice enough and I will respond to every comment I get here, no matter how small.


6 thoughts on “Comments and Ideas

  1. I like the idea, and I like your first entries.

    It’s not new, though, I’ve seen quite a few blogs of this kind – and most of them haven’t lived long. Not sure why, but considering the rules and constrictions they imposed on themselves and their gameplay (which were usually vaguely the same you constitute, even the same mods), I had the feeling they just lost interest. Probably because it’s damned hard – and boring – to be a commoner in Skyrim without being an adventurer. The usual factions are out. 80% of the sidequests are out. The main quest is out. Of course you can make money without selling loot. The main challenge would be to keep it interesting – and realistic, that what these mods are for, aren’t they? – for your own gameplay as much as for your readers.

    My advice would be not to press yourself too hard. If you wanna do something incredibly silly no common civilian would ever do, do it and find a justification afterwards. It’s just a game, with all its technological constraints – the main story happens in your head, and in those of your readers. Don’t make your char quite too generic just because you want him to be “normal”. Give him some quirks or talents – everybody has some, after all, and perhaps they open up opportunities to him a generic farmer or miner would never have. As an Argonian and ex-criminal, he will stick out like a sore thumb anyway.

    As you illustrate your posts with screenshots, you might wanna have a look at the list of console commands at UESP: (if you don’t know them already). “tm” toggles the menu on and off, for example :)

    Good luck on your journey, Billy. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks for the constructive comment! Much appreciated.

      Yeah, it’s not new – I’ve done it before in 2009 with Oblivion, and that was following on poor Nondrick’s heels. It’s incredibly fun to play, write and share. Billy McGonian has a fun personality that I can slip into as I play and write. I’m a huge fan of just immersing myself in a well-made game world and fooling around, so I don’t see myself losing interest for a long while.

      Billy McGonian the First in Oblivion did some crazy stuff. Lived in a sewer in the Imperial City, popping out to steal food. Murdered a woman for her lucky amulet then spent nine and a half years in prison I won’t do anything that over the top without good reasoning, of course, but it’s all fair examples. I’m currently on Day 3 with the gameplay portion, and Billy is about to do something crazy up in the mountains. It’s all in-character, and good fun. I know i have to keep it interesting for both myself and the reader.

      As for the screenshots – I know this’ll sound like bullcrap, but it was intentional. At first. I wanted the pictures to remind the reader that I’m playing a game, and what they’re reading is based on what has transpired in the game. You can see if I’ve just eaten, you can see my health, my fatigue, etc. As I was picking through and putting up the screenshots for Day 1, however, I realized it would seem incredibly lazy to most people. Starting on Day 2 you may indeed see the UI vanish in the screenshots. Thanks for the console command, I was worried I’d have to crop out the UI but I assumed there was a console command like that.

      Again, thanks for the feedback. I haven’t lost interest yet. Day 2 goes up Monday. I hope it was as entertaining for you to read as it was for me to write.

    1. I saw Immediate Dragons on the Steam Workshop before and got a bit nervous about how so few people had used it and were reporting problems, so I decided to go with a more creative solution that you will see soon enough.

      Not the Dragonborn, though? That’s absolutely perfect. Thank you! I was looking for a mod exactly like this yesterday to no avail.

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