The Rules

These rules will only be amended in exceptional cases. It would be cheap if that weren’t the case.

No reloads except in the case of significant bugs. This includes death. If I die, either the blog is over or I get a SEVERE penalty.

No adventuring. I must make my gold some other way. Billy is a civilian.

Amendment 1 [06-07-13]: In order to spawn dragons, a couple of quests must be completed. I’ll find a way.

I must abide by a few light survival mode mods. This means I must eat, sleep, drink, bathe and keep warm. You may find these mods listed here.

No cheating, exploits or otherwise. I can’t, for instance, join a faction to take all their stuff then sell it. No console commands beyond camera angles and fixing bugs.

Billy is not a fighter. Restrictions on combat perks and will avoid combat if possible. I may only upgrade the first perk of every combat tree to give a flat damage increase. This is primarily to fight enemy level scaling. Also, Billy only uses light weaponry and armor and doesn’t dual wield. He will prefer daggers over any other weapon, but may also use swords. He can wear light armor and light shields. He is not a mage and thus cannot learn spells, though in extreme cases he might decide to learn basic healing or destruction.

I must play completely in-character. If Billy doesn’t want to do something that I as a player want to do, he won’t do it and vice versa.

There must be dragons! For that authentic Skyrim experience. Considering there’s minor adventuring involved, unlocking them may be problematic. Maybe not. We’ll see!

Billy will not sprint everywhere and in fact prefers walking to running. He will also not force his horse into a hard gallop to go from Point A to Point B. He will only sprint to avoid danger or if he’s hurrying. Don’t worry, I’ll learn to enjoy the scenery.

No fast traveling. Possibly excludes carriages in certain cases.


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